School of Performance

Brisbane's Longest Running Burlesque & Variety School

2021 School of Performance dates:

TERM 2 - Studio 54 - Monday 22nd March – Thursday 13th May

CaBBaret - Saturday 15th May

TERM 3 - Fur Ball - Monday 31st May – Thursday 22nd July

CaBBaret - Saturday 24th July

TERM 4 - Spacetacular - Monday 9th August – Thursday 30th September

CaBBaret - Saturday 2nd October

TERM 5 - Jungle - Monday 18th October – Thursday 9th December

CaBBaret Xmas Buffet - Saturday 11th December




Apply yourself or Nominate a Friend. BBSOP is committed to being an all-inclusive community of like-minded people. If you identify as First Nations, have a Diverse Cultural Background, Disability, or want to voice your LGBTIQ Gender Identity and Expression; then we want to give you a hand up to invest in your dance, circus, arts training, and give you the opportunity to express yourself as a performer. Must be 18+ to be considered. Students must personally cover costs for any travel to and from classes, props and costumes for classes or solos. The successful applicant will be selected by the entire teaching staff of BBSOP and will be awarded a Free Course of their choice and be featured on our BBSOP socials and website.



Apply yourself or Nominate a Friend. The Coronavirus global pandemic has taken its toll on us all. We are particularly sensitive to the financial strain and loss of jobs for our fellow BBSOP community members. If you have taken classes with us in the past and wish to continue your passion for the arts, your performance persona or enhance the social fabric of your life then this is for you. If you’re signing up as a new student and have been financially afflicted then please let us know how classes will help your personal situation. Without art, music, freedom of self-expression and beauty; how can we grow as a society? The meaningful bonds, relationships, shared passions and creativity fostered in BBSOP social classes cannot be quantified. Must be 18+ to be considered. Students must personally cover costs for any travel to and from classes, props and costumes for classes or solos. The successful applicant will be selected by the entire teaching staff of BBSOP and will be awarded a Free Course of their choice and be featured on our BBSOP socials and website. 



*NEW*  Term 2 Class Timetable

Hustle into Term 2 classes with a spectacular Studio 54 nightclub theme. Can you dig it!? Delicious disco! Notorious scene stealers! And so much glitter you’ll be finding it in unexpected places for months! Our next graduation show CaBBaret will host a variety of performers and classes, we’ll see you there on Saturday 15th May.

BB and her staff of fabulous teachers bring to you the seductive art of burlesque, hula hoops and a variety of circus, dance and fire workshops. Classes are so much fun you won't even realise you're getting fit! Increase your confidence through performance with fun routines taught in every class.

Check out the schedule of classes below and enrol in by emailing the school –

When you enrol by email you will be sent payment information. Payment for full term classes must be received no later than Saturday 27th March, if you cannot finalise payment by this date it is recommended that you sign up for casual attendance. All casual classes must be paid by bank transfer or card payment in class. *Cash will not be accepted due to Covid safe practices*

All Burlesque & Fire classes are 18+ and open to women and men alike.


Please ensure you read our Covid-Safe Practices and Requirements Below



**you must quote the discount code when enrolling to be eligible**

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Pay your term fees in full by Saturday 20th March to receive a further 5% discount from your term fees. Not eligible for classes with a 50% discount already applied.

MULTIPLE CLASSES: Book into more than one full term class on different nights & receive 15% discount from your total Term Fees, only available when no other discounts apply.

ONE NIGHT STAND: Book into classes on the same night, pay for 1 full term class and receive a 50% discount from each additional full term class booked.

TRIPLE TREAT: Grab 2 of your besties and get to classes, you’ll pay one full term fee and each friend joins for only $30! **Only 3 Offers Available**

TAKE HALF OFF: Book into a full term 8-week course and receive a 50% discount from the total fee. Not eligible for Signature Act Creation. One 50% discount per student. **Only 3 Offers Available**




Perry Lane Studios – 10 Perry Lane, Spring Hill


Monday 22nd March - 10th May


Burlesque Showgirls – Teacher: Atlas Grey

Bringing the glamour to our nightclub stage show with classic showgirl moves and tassel twirling. These sassy showgirls are going to serve you glitz and glamour! Optional performance opportunity at CaBBaret on Saturday 15th May.

Song: We Are Family by Sister Sledge; covered by The Goldman Sisters -

8-week Term: $150

Casual Class: $20

Suitable for: All Levels of Experience


Monday 22nd March - 10th May


Silk Veil Fans – Teacher: Atlas Grey

Upbeat silk veil fan contemporary burlesque routine. Students will learn classic hand grips for fans and different veil techniques. BYO silk veil fans or pay the additional cost on enrolment and your teacher will have them ready for you in the first class. Optional performance opportunity at CaBBaret on Saturday 15th May.

Song: Let’s Lovedance Tonight by Gary’s Gang -

8-week Term: $150

8-week Term + Silk Veil Fans purchased by your teacher: $170

Casual Class: $20

Suitable for: All Levels of Experience



Brisbane Latvian Hall – 10 Bank Lane, Woolloongabba


Tuesday 23rd March - 11th May



Rock’n’Roll Bump’n’Grind – Teacher: BB le Buff

Get down and dirty with this burlesque bump’n’grind with a rock’n’roll twist. Hair flicking, fringe flying, power slidin’, bad ass, sassy strip teasin’ babes. Optional performance opportunity at CaBBaret on Saturday 15th May.

Song: Sunshine of your love by Cream -  

8-week Term: $150
Casual Class: $20

Suitable for: All Levels of Experience


Tuesday 23rd March - 11th May



Break Free Burlesque – Teacher: Bobbie Rotten

Freddy Mercury was a notable patron of the Studio 54 nightclub. Come and get camp like Freddy, break free and get fabulous! Optional performance opportunity at CaBBaret on Saturday 15th May.

Song: Break Free by Queen -  

8-week Term: $150
Casual Class: $20

Suitable for: All Levels of Experience


Tuesday 23rd March - 11th May



Beginner Burlesque – Teacher: Bobbie Rotten

Oh snap! Gurrrl you’re looking fine! Glam disco themed burlesque featuring some sassy fan-ography. Grab your clack fan and snap that, get yourself down to Boogie Wonderland. Optional performance opportunity at CaBBaret on Saturday 15th May.

Song: Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind & Fire -

8-week Term: $150
Casual Class: $20

Suitable for: All Levels of Experience



Wednesday 24th March - 12th May



Pony Girl Burlesque - Teacher: BB le Buff

Bianca Jagger famously rode a white horse inside Studio 54, which was a birthday surprise organised for her by the club owner. Grab your hobby horse and let’s ride that stallion into the history books of burlesque. Optional performance opportunity at CaBBaret on Saturday 15th May.

Songs: Ride a White Horse by Goldfrapp -

Pony by Ginuwine -

8-week Term: $150
Casual Class: $20

Suitable for: All Levels of Experience


Wednesday 24th March - 12th May



100% Pure Love Disco - Teacher: BB le Buff

Disco is not dead! We’ve got the fever and we’re ready to boogie. 90s disco dance music revival meets classic 70s disco moves. Optional performance opportunity at CaBBaret on Saturday 15th May.

Song: 100% Pure Love by Crystal Waters -  

8-week Term: $150
Casual Class: $20

Suitable for: All Levels of Experience


Wednesday 24th March - 12th May



Young Hearts Run Free - Teacher: Jenna Renna RaRa

Make an entrance just like Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet. This routine is where GoGo meets Disco, puts on a cape, a pair of heels and takes control of the party. Optional performance opportunity at CaBBaret on Saturday 15th May.

Song: Young Hearts Run Free by Kym Mazelle –  

8-week Term: $150
Casual Class: $20

Suitable for: All Levels of Experience



Perry Lane Studios – 10 Perry Lane, Spring Hill

THURSDAY – Enter through the alley next to the Church at 430 Ann Street (follow the signs)

Thursday 25th March - 13th May



Signature Act Creation – Teacher: BB le Buff

A great opportunity for competition preparation as well as debut soloists. This class is aimed at aspiring performers as well as experienced artists, class is limited to 3 people or groups. Your BBSOP teacher will assist you to create a signature act of your own, streamlining your own ideas and inspirations. All students are offered the chance to première this act as a Paid Performer at CaBBaret on Saturday 15th May.

Suitable for: Performers looking to create their own solo or group routine. Previous experience with the skill you want to create a routine in is required. Have an act prepared that you’d like to workshop and get feedback on, sign up for a 2-week or 4-week workshop course. Pop in casually to perfect your routines for competition and stage. Group discounts available for troupe acts.

8-week Term: $220

4-week workshop: $115

2-week workshop: $65

Casual Class: $35


Thursday 25th March - 13th May



LED Hula Hoop – Teacher: BB le Buff

Grab those Shiny Disco Hoops, this term we'll be focusing on off-body hula hoop tricks with one and two hoops. Create a nightlife spectacle on the stage and light up the dance floor. Optional performance opportunity at CaBBaret on Saturday 15th May.

Song: Shiny Disco Balls by Who Da Funk -  

8-week Term: $180              
Casual Class: $25

Suitable for: All Levels



Book your Private Class with the BBSOP teacher of your choice.
All of the BBSOP teachers are available for one-on-one sessions which are perfect for perfecting your new solo or group acts, polishing up for a Pin-Up Pageant or to master new skills (movement, prop or confidence). The one-on-one environment allows your teacher to focus on your personal strengths and weaknesses and help to make you a stronger performer. You can choose a suitable time and we will arrange the venue and teacher. Please contact the school directly to request a private booking –
COST: 1 HOUR $80, 2 HOURS $150 - any additional hours at $50 p/h.

Book 4+ hours (can be over multiple booking dates) pay only $60/hour.

****Enrolled in a Term 2 class? Book in with your teacher at these discounted rates: 1 HOUR $60, 2 HOURS $95. Book 4+ hours (can be over multiple booking dates) pay only $50/hour.
BRING: To be discussed with your teacher.

VENUE: To be discussed upon booking

BB le Buff’s School of Performance offers custom Burlesque, Hula Hoop, 1960s Go-Go, 1970s Disco, Amped for the 80s and 90s, Mad Men and Great Gatsby themed hens events. Our popular hens parties are now available across South-East Queensland so make your enquiry now! Enjoy a fun night to remember with your best gal pals and we’ll bring everything to you! Add some memorable moments to your hens night; it’s an excellent way to loosen up before your big night out and for your party to get to know each other. LOCATION: Your place or ours!
COST: $300 for 10 people for a standard 2 hour party. Each additional guest costs $15.
For more information, please visit BB’s website:
**If you’re a BBSOP student you will receive a special price on hens parties. Please email the school to confirm these rates.

Bank Deposit:
Account Name: BBSOP
Account Number: 600604402
BSB: 484799
Reference: YourName ClassName

**Please confirm your enrolment by email:

**All PayPal payments will attract an additional $5 charge to account for the PayPal fees incurred. Please include the name of the class or workshop as well as your name, email address and phone number in the details of your PayPal payment.

**Unfortunately, BB le Buff cannot offer refunds. If you have a medical reason BB is happy to negotiate make-up classes or class credit, based on the date you notify her.


Covid-Safe Practices and Requirements:

To assist your BBSOP teachers maintain a healthy classroom please follow these Covid Safe Practices:

  1. Please wait outside the dance studio, in either the waiting room or outside the venue, please maintain social distancing with your classmates.
  2. As soon as you arrive to the venue you will be asked to hand sanitise and place your bags with 1.5m distancing around the perimeter of the room.
  3. At your first class you must sign our Covid Class Register with your home address and contact details, this is mandatory.
  4. No hugs or touching your classmates. Take the challenge and create a hello dance routine. Share the cheer not the germs!
  5. Each student will be required to bring their own props, costumes, yoga mats, towels etc to class. We cannot share these items amongst classmates. Please mark all your belongings with a name so that there is no confusion in class.

If you have any cold or flu symptoms including but not limited to fever, sore throat or cough, you must stay away from class for 14 days as a precaution. If you have any symptoms you should consider being tested for Covid. If you do get a Covid-19 test please notify BB le Buff immediately of the test and then again when you receive the results.

If you have been overseas or in contact with anyone returning from overseas you must stay away from class for 14 days. Please immediately notify BB le Buff.

If you have any concerns or questions please see your BBSOP teacher at the start of class or send BBSOP an email –

Thank you for your help in keeping us all Covid safe. If we all work together through this difficult time, the sooner we can get back to sprinkling glitter, garters and glamour into our lives!


Teacher Profiles

BB le Buff - Director - School of Performance

BB started out her dance training in traditional dance styles such as, jazz ballet, contemporary, funk and tap; and her love of classic musical movies took her at the tender age of 7 to pursue training in competitive Ballroom Dance as well.

She studied Burlesque with Lola the Vamp in 2007 and after one Term of classes was invited to perform on her national tour. She has never looked back and has been performing burlesque ever since! BB started her School of Performance in 2009. 

BB started her circus training with Vulcana Women's Circus and then also took classes at Circa and attended intensive workshops at the Tasmanian Circus Festival; as well as many other short courses. She went on to work for Circa and is still a casual trainer for Vulcana.

You have seen BB perform on tours and the festival circuit across Australia and internationally. Including Woodford Folk Festival, Australian Burlesque Festival, Gorelesque, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Perth International Burlesque Festival, Splendour in the Grass and more!

Join BB le Buff's School of Performance on Facebook: click here

Follow BB on Facebook: click here 


Atlas Grey

Miss Atlas Grey loves a good sparkle, feather and dramatic lighting. A classically trained ballerina who has ditched the tutu (mostly) to get down and flirty with her newfound love for burlesque. 

She has studied multiple styles of burlesque under the guidance of The Bombshell Burlesque Academy and BB Le Buff’s School of Performance since 2016. Slowly build up her stage time, Atlas has performed with the Bombshell's student troupe for Curves & Claws and Rats Tatts & Pinups. Along with developing and performing duo acts for Curves & Claws Nerdlesque, Doomsday Disko and CaBBaret. Until debuting as a soloist at the 33rd Bombshell Ball in 2018. Since then gone on to perform at various Brisbane based shows including Vanguard Burlesque and interstate for Red Light Confidential Melbourne. Competing in The Australian Burlesque Festival; New Follies 2019 and taking out runner up in Burlesque Idol Brisbane heats 2020. 

Atlas enjoys the freedom of expression this art form supports, to get lost in a rabbit hole and bring the audience with her. Always up for shimmy, bump, grind or jeté. Miss Atlas Grey is keen to keep showing audiences she’s a name not to forget.



Lipstick Bombshell

Vicky Shield is the Lipstick Bombshell. An award winning pinup and specialist in vintage and glamour hairstyles. Vicky owns Snippets of Time Vintage Styles and you can find her travelling to events to hairstyle in her Tiki Wahini Wagon!



Petra Pan

Petra grew up in a dance studio with her ballet teacher mother. She is a sweet Georgia Peach who has, after years of travelling the globe, settled here in Brisbane. She has a love for all classical dance styles, but discovered her true passion at the age of nine in her first experience of modern circus. Living in the rural United States, she spent hours in the dance studio teaching herself hula hoop basics but found she couldn’t go much further without a teacher. Fast forward years later to the age of the internet! Petra began filling in the gaps with online tutorials and then began training at Canopy Studio, a circus school in Athens, Georgia. Petra has also trained and performed with Vulcana Women’s Circus in Brisbane and BB le Buff's School of Performance. Today she is largely influenced by her contemporary dance background and creates emotive hula hoop pieces with a neo-circus flair.

Petra also creates her own range of performance and active wear, follow her creations here:

Petra Pan Performance Apparel -




Jenna Renna Ra Ra

Jenna has been dancing since she was four, but the 1960’s dance craze holds a special place in her heart. She has a passion for over-the-top exuberant GoGo dances and a love of 60s fashion and music. She has performed her solo work at CaBBaret over the years and cannot wait to come on board as a teacher to share her groovy moves!



Susie Liqueur


Susie Liqueur has a passion for performance. She has danced since she was 8yrs old, and is CSTD trained in jazz, tap and ballet. After touring the US with her dance troupe as a young adult; Susie discovered the wonderful, weird and wild world of cabaret.

She has a passion for vintage dance styles, especially GoGo, Disco; Charleston; and continues to practice her love of tap dance in all of its classic and modern style interpretations.


Bobbie Rotten

Rambunctious, risqué, and rotten to the core, Bobbie Rotten is a rising star in the Brisbane Burlesque scene. Miss Rotten brings her signature mix of satire, sin and seduction to the stage, that will have you always wanting more. Long legs, incredible curves, and an unbeatable ass (unless you ask). 




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